Relentless focus on the people behind the products.

9 reasons why we should collaborate.

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Our deep technical capabilities allow us to deliver projects on a broad spectrum of problem domains.

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Outstanding UI/UX designers who are able to create valuable and easy to use products, for real humans.

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We are uncomplicated and flexible on formality, but unrelenting on good process.

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We are big-picture thinkers and we focus our energy on how to bring the most value to you and your clients.

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We have successfully executed large and small projects for startups, enterprises and government, time and time again.

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High security and data privacy standards to provide compliance with GDPR/HIPAA/PCI DSS.

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We offer you 3 offices in 2 countries and 9 languages to pick from.

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When you are part of 9Y, you belong to the team. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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Business consulting to help you build the best product for your customers.

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We are the most impactful, trustworthy and effective builder of digital products.

We are uncomplicated and flexible on formality, but unrelenting on good processes. We can scale up (or down) with you, on demand. And whether we’re working tightly with your existing software engineering team, or as a more autonomous product team, we’ll always take our time to understand you and your product, and create an aligned vision.

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