Relentless focus on the people behind the products.

A brief glimpse into the culture of 9Y.

Our core values
People come first icon
People come first
Give trust. Receive it too. Empower. Act as one. But support individuals. The value of this place is the people, not much else.
Come as you are icon
Come as you are
Don't leave your identity at home, bring it along. Be brave by being vulnerable. Be a human.
Love exploring the dark icon
Love exploring the dark
Challenge the status quo. Question truisms. Take risks and enjoy the rewards. Reason from first principles. Think!
Volunteer kindness icon
Volunteer kindness
Show empathy. Don't (ab)use your power. Be kind, especially when you don't have to be. Be resolute, but always gently.
Strive icon
Strive to grow as a person. Learn something. Invest in yourself. Cherish results and victories, and celebrate them. Do things with intent. Be formidable. Be someone others can rely on.
We want the same thing everyone wants:
To make a difference.

We have done the hard work, we have the experience and we have the energy. We are ready to change the world.

Working as a team is a priority. We embrace differing perspectives, conflicting schedules and disagreements on everything from complex technical questions to choosing where to order lunch from. But we go through the problems as a team. We find a solution and we come out stronger. This is what motivates us.

And as a client, we will make you a part of that. Part of the team. Part of 9Y.

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