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Web front-end is a combination of UI/UX design and engineering. In other words, front-end brings design to life with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is what users see on their screens. It is what you see right now.



Back-end is the backbone of every application. It is responsible for bringing an application to life, collecting data and talking to servers. That’s why we grant every wish from our backend wizard, Bernd.


Mobile Engineering.

We are experts in iOS and Android development. More than 100 projects give us the right to call ourselves that. Although there are around 8 mobile operating systems in the world, we concentrate only on iOS and Android. After all, they take over 95% of the market share.


Team as a Service.

We leverage our global talent network, and expedite the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire significantly. Our model leverages geographical price arbitrage, offering you top talent at competitive rates. We think of this as long-term parnerships where we provide top-tier talent and become part of your product story. Often times this includes tailored recruiting, to ensure candidates not only meet technical requirements but also share your company’s values and culture.

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UI Design.

User Interface (UI) is more than just colors, shapes and position. It makes an application good or bad. It has to be simple, smart and pleasant. Without a good UI, good UX won’t happen. Or as Martin LeBlanc said: „A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it is not good.“

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#Interaction Design
#Motion Design
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UX Design & Conceptualization.

User Experience (UX) defines product interaction. Only by understanding the customer's world good design happens. Being scientific, not making stuff up and keeping an eye on simplicity are our core practices to come up with fresh, familiar and great user experience.

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#User Research
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We love DevOps because it means better collaboration between development & operations. It shortens the development cycle and therefore provides faster time to market, better quality and more frequent releases.


How we work.


Relentless focus

We never relent our insanity to destroy the status-quo in pursuit of innovation. Our way of doing that is to put people first. You can call that our core strategy.



You won’t be just our client. We will be one team. Because that’s the only way to build powerful applications.



We believe that honesty and transparency prevent errors and mistakes and are key for every good relationship.

What customers say.

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You have an idea or project? We’re the team that can help you bring it to life

We’ve built venture funded companies. Built and marketed software with millions of downloads. We hold software engineering classes at universities and teach our skills through programmes like the Google Study Jam. We’re huge supporters of open source, and are a core contributor to one of the top open source software projects in the world (fastlane). And above all, we always design and build great digital products together as one team.

17%New Business83%Repeat Business

We think big about partnership and our customers trust us.

How do we know?

83% of our business comes from our existing customers.

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Nomination for Futurezone Award.

We are proud to be part of Summitlynx, who were nominated for the Futurezone Award in 2019.

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Top 3 Web Development Company in Vienna.

Our customers love us and show it. To be one of the top 3 Design and Web Development and top 5 App Development agencies in Austria on Clutch makes us beyond proud.

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App of the Week on Product Hunt.

Our client Anyline was App of the Week on Product Hunt with its app “Keyboard”. And we are proud to say to have supported them.

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Core contributors to Fastlane.

We are core contributors to one of the world's largest open source projects. And it’s key part of our mobile app delivery.

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