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Executive Assistant (m/f/x).


You'll primarily work with our Head of Finance, and occasionally other members of the management team too. Your primary job will focus on assisting the HoF in her many duties. The job is not strictly finance related (though we do expect you to be a natural with numbers), it will also have elements of HR and people management, as well as office management for our Vienna and Zagreb offices. You'll get the chance to work with some smart and dedicated people, and have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

Who are we looking for

  • You’re a natural with numbers and math is one of your strong suits. Basic knowledge of accounting is a strong plus.
  • You have a positive personality, and you really like people.
  • You speak great English. Some German knowledge would be a huge plus.
  • You're reliable, precise, responsible, discreet, like working in teams, honest and punctual.
  • Word and Excel skills.
  • You're an independent thinker, who does not need handholding and likes it when people get out of your way so that you can get things done.
  • You have the courage to push back against superiors when they make mistakes (hint: they do, more often than they'd like).
  • You're able to have productive arguments with colleagues, and are able to balance fighting hard for your own points on their merit, while being able to recognise and concede when someone else's idea may be more suited for the particular situation at hand.
  • A love for being challenged, and an understanding that this is one of the best ways to grow.
  • Appreciation for working in a team that prefers async communication as opposed to interrupt-driven meeting-based communication. You don't like sitting in meetings.
  • You value a merit-driven work culture, where work speaks for itself.

The job

  • ***Finance part***
  • Communicate with our clients and suppliers regarding invoices
  • Record and manage invoices
  • Support with cashflow planning
  • Insurance claims
  • Creation of internal documents (npr. odluke)
  • Manage our various licenses
  • Manage our corporate credit cards
  • ***HR part***
  • Organise interview loops for new candidates.
  • Support employees with their doctor’s notes, time-off, etc.
  • Be part of our “culture club”, where we organise team events, afterworks, birthday presents, etc.
  • ***Office Management part***
  • Receive and send parcels
  • Manage and track our inventory
  • Order office supplies like coffee and drinks
  • Water the plants
  • Manage suppliers like internet, water, phone providers, etc.
  • General assistance with the daily business

The superior for this position

Head of Finance

Minimal work experience

2 years


A business degree or similar. However, this is not a strict criterion, and we value who you are and what you can do much more than a piece of paper. So if you learnt these skills elsewhere (e.g. on-the-job, or online courses), then that’s just as good.

Interview process

What can you expect during the hiring and interview process? Have a look at our hiring process gameplan (this is the actual process that we use internally). BTW, we publish most of our Playbook open to the world, so feel free to look around too if you're curious to see how we work from the inside.

Salary range

6.5k - 10k HRK/mo gross (5k - 7k HRK/mo net)


  • 9Y is truly remote friendly. It’s in our blood and we’ve always been like that, even before the pandemic.
  • A great international team spread across Austria and Croatia.
  • Flexible working hours. We recognise that 9-5 may not be your most productive time, some of us also have kids and families.
  • Profit sharing scheme. As a member of 9Y, you will get a share of 9Y’s profits. At the end of each year, 9Y distributes 10% of its annual profits to its team members.
  • Lunch subsidy programme (~400 HRK/mo)
  • Transport subsidy (360 HRK/mo)
  • Bozicnica 2500 HRK/yr
  • Vacation: 25 days/yr

Want to level up your career?

Want to level up your career?

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