5 reasons why your company needs a mobile app in 2021.


Melanie Vollert


January 05, 2021


4 Min read

For some, apps might be an old story. Some might even ask “Aren’t there enough apps already?”. And we agree, the hype is definitely over. But just because the hype is over doesn’t mean less apps are getting developed. Numbers show that there are 14 billion mobile devices worldwide in 2020 and millions of apps on the Apple Store and Google Play. Studies show, too, that every smartphone user has between 60 and 90 apps on their phone.

So why do we think people still need YOUR app on their phones? Why should you, as a company, build a mobile app?

Let us explain.

1. Growth, Growth, Growth

When it comes to marketing and reaching as many people as possible, one thing is certain, the more channels you have, the more people you can reach. Don’t get us wrong, we hate spamming as much as everyone else and we don’t suggest using just any channel for your marketing campaigns. However, building an app for your target audience or existing customers can leverage your growth for several reasons.

First, what a lot of people forget or simply do not know is that generations like Millennials or Generation Z use app stores like search engines. Instead of entering keyphrases in Google – which would show your app as a result, too, by the way – they go to the App or Play Store and look for a solution in the form of an app. In plain words, you won’t just be found on Google (with 5.6 billion searches per day) but also on the biggest app platforms on earth (eg apple store had 500 million visitors per week 2018).

And because your business is linked to such strong platforms, your SEO ranking will improve, too.

Third: referrals. When it comes to referral, apps have the advantage of easy sharing. In contrast to web platforms, you are not only sharing information, but the product itself. They can easily recommend your product or service to friends who will be directly forwarded to the App/Play Store. From there, it’s only a click away to sign up or buy.

And by the way, referrals have a 92% rate of trust.

2. Apps build a relationship with your audience

Do you feel addicted to your smartphone? You are not alone, because 56,4% of smartphone users consider themselves somewhat addicted to their phones.

If you also dream of such a stronger connection with your customers and audience, build an app. With a mobile application, you reach your customers no matter where they are. At any time. Push notifications and emails not only forward immediate information to your audience, but also increase your retention rate immensely. Plus, the more people use your app, the more popular your brand becomes.

Additionally, you will gain behavioural data like in no other way. For instance, you can check how much time they spend on the app, how often they open it and what functionalities are most popular.

But we want to be honest with you: the majority of mobile time is spent using three apps. 77% of the user's time is spent on the top 3 apps. Either you are already happy with being in the 23% or you try to improve your game. Usually, that means a ton of marketing and a lot of product improvements, because the quality of the app is essential. The better the app, the more likely people will use it more than once.

3. Your competition has one, why don’t you?

It sounds silly, but if you think it through, it makes perfectly sense.

If your biggest competitors have apps, shouldn’t you?

Despite looking like a copy-cat, it will bring you the same advantages as your competitors. Nobody wants to be a laggard. So, be better late than sorry. If you don’t believe us, look at firms like KODAK, who missed the point of digital transformation and lost their business in the end to digital cameras and smartphones.

Not sure if you should believe us? Keep reading.

4. Apps won't disappear (so quickly)

This might be the number one reason you should go for a mobile application in 2021.

Apps will change soon – or more likely, new technologies will arise and apps will be part of this transformation. They become remotes, control systems, databases and more. With Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality, our technical future, soon, will become more visual. And mobile or tablet applications will be for sure part of it. Even if the hardware (smartphones and surfaces) will change, software will always be needed.

Man with VR glasses

5. Additional revenue

Your core business might not be based on a mobile application, we get that.

However, a mobile app could get you some additional revenue with a premium version or subscription.

Look at Spotify for instance. They started with a free web version and soon launched a mobile app which was free, but only with premium were all functionalities available and no ads interrupting your favourite songs. Only with these functionalities is it a pleasure to listen to music. Don’t you agree?

That means, even if your field of business is B2B, an app for customer service and feedback could help increase your retention rate. Or thinking of industrial enterprises, apps for scanning, logistics or education, can reduce personnel costs by saving time.

Just because you are not a mobile first company, doesn’t mean a mobile application can’t help you with your business goals.

The downsides

After buttering you up for developing a mobile app, here are some downsides you should consider before starting the process.

  • Maintaining – an app needs updates on a regular basis.
  • Hiring – You need app developers or an agency and in the best case a UX designer.
  • Resources – You need a project manager or someone who is responsible for the project management in-house as well as someone with a technical background who can answer technical questions.

Hopefully, the reasons above helped you to identify if you need an enterprise app in 2021. Likewise, it should have shown you what downsides an app could bring.


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